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Policy Briefs

GPoT Center's Policy Briefs include insightful analysis by global experts of a wide range of issues in international relations.

Policy Updates

GPoT Center's Policy Updates provide a general background to and overview of the latest developments on a specific topic in international relations.

Op-Ed Series

GPoT Center introduced its Op-Ed Series on current topics in international relations with a piece written by GPoT Center Director, Dr. Mensur Akgün, in the beginning of 2012. GPoT Center will continue to publish its Op-Ed Series periodically on its website.

GPoT Briefs

GPoT Briefs are concise, profound analyses of a certain "hot topics" on the global agenda.

Meeting Reports

GPoT Center's Meeting Reports make the ideas and recommendations generated from selected GPoT-organized round table meetings, workshops and conferences accessible to the wider public.


GPoT Center's books have a variety of formats, ranging from policy-oriented and academic publications to coffee table books on issues in international relations.

Regional Updates

GPoT Regional Updates provide concise information on specific countries, regions or topics related to international affairs by monitoring media.

Working Papers

The series of Working Papers examining the current trends in regional and international politics is part of the Global Trends Project, which is prepared by the Department of International Relations of Istanbul Kültür University in collaboration with GPoT Center.

External Publications

The external publications section features books which are published by third parties with contributions and/or chapters by GPoT Center staff.